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What are the fees for faster delivery?

If you select Standard delivery, you'll pay just a £3 / €3 fixed fee and nothing else.

Where Express delivery is available and you select it, we charge a tiny 0.1% of the transfer amount. This will be shown clearly when you create your transfer.

Learn more about delivery speeds here

Why does Express delivery cost extra?

Because we trade currencies with large institutions, it takes two days to complete transactions (this is also known as the 'settlement period' and is the standard practice across financial markets). This is why the conversion time of our Standard delivery option is two business days.

When you select Express delivery, we pay out to your recipient immediately using funds borrowed from our institutional partners for the duration of the settlement period. This attracts a small interest fee, which we pass on to customers who choose Express delivery. 

You can be sure that we're only passing on our financing costs and not trying to catch users out with extra or hidden fees. 

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