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How long will my transfer take?

If Express delivery is available, and you select it, only the delivery times below apply. This is because you don't need to wait for your currency to convert. Express delivery is the fastest way to transfer money with Atlantic Money, but is subject to a small fee, learn more here.

If you select Standard delivery, it typically takes 2 business days to convert your currency. This is the standard practice across financial markets (often referred to as the 'settlement period').

Following this, delivery times for each currency may vary. For example, AUD takes 4 business days to arrive, which is calculated by adding 2 business days for currency conversion to the delivery time.

Currency delivery times

Currency delivery times depend on the local payment scheme and are outside our control.

CurrencyDelivery time

Australian dollar (AUD)

2 business days

British pound (GBP)

Instant, 24/7

Canadian dollar (CAD)

1 business day

Danish krone (DKK)

1 business day

Euro (EUR)

Instant, 24/7*

Indian Rupee (INR)

EUR same day

GBP same day

Norwegian krone (NOK)

1 business day

Polish zloty (PLN)

1 business day

Swedish króna (SEK)

1 business day

US dollar (USD)

1 business day

*Not all banks support instant EUR payments. Where an EUR payment is not instant, it is expected to arrive within 1 business day. 

Top tips for a speedy transfer

  • Transfers funded by 20:30 on weekdays will begin processing on the same day. Funding a transfer later than this may mean it begins processing on the next business day. For example, Standard delivery transfers funded at 19:45 on a Friday should be converted and ready for sending by Tuesday. However, transfers funded after 20:30 may not be converted before Wednesday.
  • Transfers funded at the weekend will begin processing on Monday, unless the destination currency supports instant delivery (see above) and you select Express. 
  • National bank holidays may affect delivery times.
  • Although we try our best to review and approve transfers before you fund them, sometimes we might need to take some more time. In this case, your transfer may be delayed.

* The times displayed are in London's local time zone.
* Delivery dates are applicable once funds have been received.

If you experience delays

If you are waiting for funds to arrive, and it's taking longer than you expect, please learn more about what can cause delays here.

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