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What fees do you charge?

We charge a flat £3 / €3 fee per transfer, and we'll always give you the live exchange rate. This means that no (absolutely zero) additional fees are hidden in our exchange rate.

Additional fees - delivery speed: 
Where Express delivery is available, and you select it, we charge a tiny 0.1% of the transfer amount. This will be shown clearly when you create your transfer. 

Additional fees - sending at the weekend:
For weekend transfers (or during public holidays), we offer two exchange rate options because the financial markets are closed:

Next available rate

This option is free, but it means you won't know the exact exchange rate when you make your transfer. Instead, the exchange rate will be determined when markets open on the next business day. 

Last known rate
This option is subject to a 0.1% fee and means you'll get the exchange rate that was available when the financial markets closed on the previous business day (most likely late on Friday evening).

Additional information

If you choose Standard delivery and specify an exact destination amount, you'll only be able to choose the Last known rate, because this is the only way to ensure the exact amount arrives.

If you choose Express delivery, in addition to the 0.1% delivery fee applied, you'll only be able to choose the Last known rate.

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