Atlantic Money

Funding with a single bank transfer (and bank limits)

In accordance with our payment guidelines, we can only accept one incoming bank transfer payment for each Atlantic Money transfer. This helps us keep our fees low. Please do not try to fund your Atlantic Money transfer with multiple bank transfers. 

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause, but unfortunately your bank’s limits are out of our control. If you find yourself sending large amounts frequently, we would recommend considering a different bank with higher limits.

In case your bank limits are lower than your transfer size

Your bank may have limits and restrictions which prevent you from paying for your Atlantic Money transfer with a single bank transfer. If this happens, please cancel your Atlantic Money transfer and create a smaller one within your bank's limits. Please do not attempt to send us multiple bank transfers to make up the full amount. See account limits for UK banks here

What to do

  1. Please cancel your large transfer
  2. Consider your bank’s limits, and how many smaller transfers within your bank’s limits are required to move your large amount
  3. Create your first smaller transfer within your bank’s limits
  4. Pay for your first smaller transfer
  5. Create your second smaller transfer, and so on. You can start a new Atlantic Money transfer once we've received the payment for your previous one.

Document reviews

You may have had to send us documents to get approval for your large transfer. Don’t worry about additional document requests for your smaller transfers - once we’ve approved you for one large transfer, we very likely won’t ask for documents again.

Bank fraud checks

Banks may also delay or block payments in order to conduct fraud checks. If they ask questions about your Atlantic Money account, it may be useful to tell them that we are authorised and regulated by the FCA in the UK (as shown here) and NBB in Belgium (as shown here).

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