Atlantic Money

Payment guidelines

To make sure everything works smoothly and to help protect you from fraud, the following guidelines apply to every payment made into your Atlantic Money account:

  • Active transfer: you must have already created a transfer using the mobile app. You will be notified clearly when it's time to pay for it. If you send money to Atlantic without an active transfer waiting for payment, your funds will be returned.
  • One active transfer at a time: you may only have one active transfer pending at a time. You can create the next transfer immediately once the previous one has been successfully funded.
  • Amount check: you must transfer exactly the right amount to Atlantic (to the penny). If you do not, your funds will be returned and your transfer may be cancelled.
  • Name check: funds must be received from an external bank account held in your personal name. If the name we receive with the bank transfer does not match the name on your Atlantic account, we'll review the payment manually. We may ask you for evidence that the bank account used to send the funds belongs to you or return your payment. Please note that we cannot accept payments from businesses or legal entities. 
  • EU/UK Bank check: in most cases, funds must be received from an external account held with a bank licensed in the EU or UK. This does not include offshore destinations like the Channel Islands and Gibraltar. We may also return funds received from certain payment institutions in some instances. 
  • Bank transfer required: we only accept bank transfers. You should not wire money into your Atlantic Money account - your funds will be returned, and your transfer may be cancelled. This means that we do not accept CHAPS payments.

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