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Do you accept wire transfers or CHAPS payments?

Our goal is to dramatically reduce the cost of sending money internationally. In order to do this, unfortunately, we cannot accept wire transfers. International wires are a slow and costly method to move money (about 20x more expensive than a domestic bank transfer). This policy helps us keep costs down, and pass on the savings to you. 

For the avoidance of doubt:

  • GBP payments must be transferred using the 'Faster Payments' network. We are unable to accept CHAPS payments.

  • EUR payments must be transferred using the 'SEPA' network. These may also be called European transfers. We are unable to accept SWIFT payments.

I’m sending to USD, what routing number should I use?

When transferring to the US, please use the account details for ‘direct deposit’. We do not send USD wire transfers, and attempts to do so will fail.

For more information about the local ACH payments network, see here

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