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Why do I have to submit documents?

From time to time we might ask you to send us some form of proof that your money comes from a legitimate source - for example your salary, profits earned from your business or proceeds from a property sale. 

What we'll ask you to send us depends on how you've used your Atlantic Money account up to now, why you are sending money and your relationship with the recipient. 

We aim to perform all verifications within 1 business day, but we'll often do so quicker. 

We take information security seriously and restrict access to your data to only those that need it. Our privacy policy contains more information about our policies in this area.

Top tips for a successful document submission:

  • Ultimately, we want to check how the money you are sending arrived in your account and why. This helps us comply with our obligations as a financial institution and protect you from fraud. If you send us documents that help us do this we'll able to approve your transfer
  • We'll be looking to confirm that you are referenced on the documents. For example, bank statements should be addressed to you, investment accounts should be in your name and property sale contracts should involve you as a party
  • Please try to submit everything we have requested. If we only receive a partial submission, we won't be able to approve your transfer
  • Please submit your documents in a single submission or quickly after each other. This helps us review everything at once and means your transfer gets approved quickly
  • Where possible, digital PDFs are the best and quickest way to share evidence about your money. This is mostly likely to be in the form of a bank statement downloaded from your bank's website, statements downloaded from your financial account provider or copies of agreements provided by your legal representative
  • If you are uploading scans or photos of documents, please ensure that all four corners of each page are visible and the information is readable  
  • Please try to avoid sending us screenshots. It's very difficult for us to verify the information in screenshots, as they don't have the same digital fingerprint as PDFs

It's really important to us that our document approval process is easy, quick and efficient. If you have feedback about your experience our compliance team would be happy to hear it. 

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