Atlantic Money

How much can I send?

Account limits

You can review your account limits by clicking on the Profile icon in the bottom right of the navigation bar, and then selecting Limits. Learn more about account limits and how to increase them here

Single transfer limits

Depending on the currencies involved in your transfer, the following limits apply. The lower of each limit will always apply. For example, when sending from GBP to USD, the pay-out limit of 1 million USD applies (which is roughly £800,000).

CurrencyPay out limitPay in limit
British pound (GBP)No limit£1 million
The maximum allowed for a domestic GBP bank transfer (Faster Payments).
Euro (EUR)No limit€1 million

Australian dollar (AUD)

No limit
Canadian dollar (CAD)200,000 CAD
Danish krone (DKK)500,000 DKK
Indian Rupee (INR)No limit
Norwegian krone (NOK)No limit
Polish zloty (PLN)1 million PLN
Swedish króna (SEK)500,000 SEK
US dollar (USD)1 million USD

Please be aware that your own bank might have different single transfer limits. Atlantic Money transfers must be funded with a single bank transfer, so you'll need to create and fund multiple separate Atlantic Money transfers in this case.  

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