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Do you have a referral scheme?

Yes! You can invite your friends and earn £/€15 per successful referral. Here's how it works in 4 simple steps:

1. Click on the profile icon (you'll find it on the bottom right-hand side of your screen);

2. Click on “Invite a friend, get £/€15”;

3. Before sharing your unique link, you'll need to add a payment method. To do this, tap “More” and select “Add an Account” under the Payment Method section. You can also choose one of the suggested accounts;

4. Share your link with your friends via WhatsApp, iMessage, or copy and paste it to share.

Here's more information on our referral scheme:

How do I keep track of my referrals?

Track your referrals by tapping on the profile icon located in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, selecting “Invite a friend”, and then tapping “more” in the top right-hand corner.

When will I get paid?
You’ll receive your payment once your referral has been approved, which may take 3-5 business days or longer.

If your bonus has not been paid, we may have decided that your referral is not eligible. 

Can I invite multiple friends and get multiple payments?

Yes! The more friends you invite, the more you’ll earn. 

What are the conditions?
In order to be eligible, both you and your referee must successfully complete a transfer of at least £/€200.

Additionally, we will conduct some checks to ensure that your referee is eligible and to prevent abuse of the referral program. Where this is the case, your bonus payment will be delayed and may be rejected.

We are unable to accept payments from certain bank accounts where there is a high risk of fraud – such accounts will not count towards the referral scheme.

We also may not pay out a referral bonus where we determine that an account was opened solely for the purpose of receiving the referral bonus, or where there are two Atlantic Money accounts registered to the same household.

Important note:

All bonus payments are made at our discretion, and we reserve the right to modify the terms of our referral program and associated FAQ articles without prior notice.

This may include, but is not limited to, changes to eligibility criteria, rewards, and terms of service. To stay informed of any updates, we recommend you review the FAQ article regularly.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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