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Will you ask me for documents?

Sometimes, you will be asked to provide documents before confirming your transfer. This largely depends on how much you are sending. You can upload these easily through the app or by email (

What documents will I be asked to submit?

You’ll be asked to submit information that allows our team to clearly identify the origin of the funds that you wish to transfer and that you have those funds at your disposal.

This will usually mean recent payslips, documents showing the sale of assets (house, car, investments, etc.) or loan agreements, in addition to a bank statement showing the funds entering your account.

We prefer PDF where possible.

Some examples:

“I’ve sold my property, and I’d like to transfer X amount, what documents should I submit?”

A contract for the sale (or other legal documents pertaining to the sale of the property) and a bank statement showing the sale proceeds entering the account.

“I’d like to transfer my savings, what do I need to provide?”

A bank statement showing the available funds and any pertinent documents that would help us identify the underlying source of the savings. This could be salary slips, a previous investment, a gift, inheritance and more.

“I’ve just received a loan that I’d like to transfer, what documents are necessary to move forward?”

The loan agreement specifying the amount and reason, as well as the lender’s information (name and address) and a bank statement showing the available funds.

“A family member has gifted me X amount, what information do you need?”

The full name and address of your family member, the reason for the gift and the underlying source of the funds. 

If you have a question regarding which document you’ll need to submit, please reach out to us via chat or email at

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