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Understanding our Restricted Use Policy

At Atlantic Money, we are committed to offering a secure and compliant platform for your transfers.

Our Restricted Use Policy clearly defines the activities and items we are unable to process payments for due to legal or regulatory restrictions. 

By adhering to this policy, we can maintain compliance and safeguard the interests of both our customers and our company.

What is the Restricted Use Policy?

This policy applies to the underlying purpose of every payment processed through our services.  We regularly review and update this policy to stay compliant with current regulations.

What happens if a transfer breaches the policy?

If we suspect that a transaction may violate our policy or be illegal, we may take several actions, such as:

- Blocking the transaction

- Holding the funds related to it

- Suspending or limiting your account usage

- Terminating the account

What activities are restricted?

Prohibited transactions include payments for illegal or unlicensed activities, drugs and drug paraphernalia, hate speech and violent content, adult content, intellectual property infringement, financial services related to cryptocurrency exchange or Ponzi schemes. Additionally, when transferring business funds, they must be related to your own business, as we do not accept businesses sending on behalf of clients. Regulated goods and services such as gambling, weapons, chemicals, and prescription medications are also prohibited.

If you are unsure:

For any questions or concerns regarding the Restricted Use Policy or whether a specific activity is allowed, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or via chat.

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