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What information is necessary / do you collect?

To create a secure business account, we collect specific information to ensure full compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements. This article outlines the necessary information required for successful onboarding.

Personal Information:

During the account opening process, we collect the following personal information from the person (applicant) opening the account:

— Name: the full legal name.

— Date of birth: the date of birth for age verification.

— Address: the residential address.

— Phone number: the contact phone number.

— Email address: a valid email address.

Company Information:

To verify and identify the company, we collect the following information:

— Company name: the official name of the company.

— Company Identifier/Number: the unique identifier or registration number assigned to the company.

— Registered office address: the registered office address must be located in the UK or EU.

— Principal trading address: the principal trading address should also be in the UK or EU.

— Names of directors and UBOs: the names of all directors associated with the company.


For each Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO), and director associated with the company, we collect the following information:

— Name: the full legal name.

— Date of birth: the date of birth for verification purposes.

— Address: the residential address of the UBO and/or director.

Verification Procedures:

To ensure compliance and mitigate risk, we conduct a Selfie ID process for identity verification on the applicant and on each UBO added to the account.

Additional Documentation:

In some cases, we may request additional documentation for manual review or verification purposes. This may include:

— Bylaws.

— Articles of Association.

— Latest company accounts or tax returns.

— Proof of directorship or ownership for individuals.

By collecting the necessary information mentioned above, we ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and maintain the security and integrity of our services. Rest assured that your information is handled securely and per applicable data protection regulations.

Note: We appreciate your patience as we review your business application. Typically, this process takes 1-3 business days to ensure all necessary information is in order. While you wait, please feel free to explore our help center articles or reach out to our support team if you have any questions.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, our support team is available to help via chat, or email at

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