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Is my business eligible?

Understanding the eligibility criteria for creating a business account with us is essential.

Limited Liability Companies

Our business product is primarily aimed at small to medium-sized limited liability companies, registered in the UK or the EU.

Sole Proprietors/Traders

If you are a sole proprietor or trader, you may wonder if your business is eligible for a business account. As long as you operate via a legal entity, the answer is yes! 

As the sole owner and operator of your business, you are inherently considered the UBO.
Therefore, you can proceed to create a business account using your individual information. 


Similar to sole traders, if your partnership is operating via a legal entity, you are eligible. Just make sure that you and your fellow partners are included as UBOs in the application. 


For limited liability partnerships, depending on the number of partners, you may or may not have UBOs, but you will need to list all of your partners at least as “directors” in the app.

Other Legal Entities

Please note that our current services are limited to legal entities, such as companies. Other arrangements like trusts, charities, NGOs, etc., are not included in our B2B expansion at this time.

If you meet the requirements mentioned above and fall within the scope of legal entities, you can confidently proceed to create a business account.

If you have any further questions or need assistance determining your eligibility, our support team is available to help via chat, or email at

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